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Rose Entertainment is a full booking agency for all your music needs.  

Why do I want Rose entertainment to supply music for my event or entertainment calendar?

The 2 principals of Rose Entertainment have over 50 years of experience in the music industry. As working musicians, we understand the needs of venues and the musicians we represent.  We live for music and this is our only real passion.  In addition, we have years of professional business experience in the DC/Baltimore area where we have called home for our entire lives.  We are extremely responsive to clients and bands needs and we are not satisfied until everything is done right the first time!

Larry Gershon, President Rose Entertainment
Larry Gershon has over 35 years of music industry experience as a professional musician, producer and recording studio owner.  Larry has worked with national as well as regional artists and has engineered on a Grammy nominated album as well as other award winning albums with local artists.  Larry has broad sales and marketing experience and can offer creative solutions to complex business opportunities.  Larry holds a bachelors and masters degree in business from the University of Maryland.

Nate Green, Vice President of Sales

Nate is a Professional musician, DJ and producer who has been in the music business for over 15 years.  Nate started out as a keyboard player and rapper and quickly became an in demand producer for a number of contemporary local R&B and Hip Hop artists in the Baltimore/Washington area.  Nate is also a pro recording engineer/producer with Rose Recording in Maryland.  Nate has years of business experience with a number of entertainment companies and holds an MBA in Accounting.  Call Nate for your entertainment needs and any opportunities available to work with artists. Nate can be reached at 240-606-1019

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